• Easy Control: PC-based control system is equipped with HMI touch panel.
  • Intelligent Setting: Quickly set up through auto-learning system and intelligent parameter.
  • Online Instruction: System is built-in production line change instruction, the user does not need to read paper user manual.
  • Effective Productivity: Checking speed is up to 250pcs/min.
  • Customized Manufacture: The system is designed based on the different size, shape and color of bottles to reduce unnecessary adjustment.
  • System is suitable to check both internal and external quality of bottles.
  • Inspected Defects: Shortage, dirt, foreign matter, dents, deformation, scratches, and color difference.
  • Defect Determination Adjustment: Every defect could be adjusted its accuracy individually.
  • Statics Data: Enables to classify defective type and report to the production line to modify the high frequency defect.
  • Machine Learning: Every new product could be set up quickly through machine learning system.
  • Product Management: The adjusted parameter value could be stored into database and called out for using.
  • Event Recorder: The operating behavior could be recorded by 24 hours monitoring that could trace back and modify the machine failures.
Model No.

Product Name

Capacity (pcs/min)

VBT100 Inline Bottle Inspection Machine 100

Medical Plastic Bottle-Execute comprehensively quality check for the bottle top side, neck, and body. The inspection items include contamination, foreign matter, broken, deformation, shortage, and color.

Cosmetic Bottle-Use special optics solution to inspect the transparent bottle. The tricky defects like bubble and flow mark will be detected easily.

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