• Customize inspection item & accuracy.
  • Integrate with production line.
  • 360° full side inspection.
  • Unique anti-scratch design to avoid product damage during inspection.

  • High speed preform inspection system is suitable for detecting full side quality of preform with the speed up t0 300pcs/min.

  • Inspection Item: Short Shorts, Scratch, Dent, Flash, Roundness, Deformed, Thread, Dirt, Foreign Matter, Unmelt Material, Crystallization, Haze, High Gate, Color Difference,

  • This system provides statistical information, such as the number of the preform, the average value and the maximum value of the production, high-quality preform information, and the total data of the defective preform, the defective items, and the maximum number of consecutive defects.

Model No.

Product Name

Max. Capacity (pcs/min)

VPR100 Preform Inspection Machine 300

Preform Inspection-Using 7CCD to do full side inspection including top, thread neck, body, and bottom with the speed of 200pcs/min.

Inspection Area

CCD Number

Defects Item


(Sealing Surface)
1 Short Shots

Scratch, Dent
Dirt, Foreign Matter
Flash, Roundness
(Fisheye Lens)
1 Scratch, Dent

Foreign Matter
Short Shots
Body 4 Dirt, Foreign Matter

Unmelt Material
Crystallization, Haze
Deformed, Color Difference
Bottom 1 High Gate, Burr

Dent, Deformed
Dirt, Foreign Matter
Unmelt Material

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