• System Integration: Integrate the dispenser, closure lining insertion, and inspection machine into one production line.
  • Easy Control: PC-based control system is equipped with HMI touch pane.
  • The cap contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to ensure that the production quality is not polluted.

  • This machine is combined with dispensing module. The lining will be inserted into the closure bottom after dispensing.
  • This system is equipped with an optical inspection module to strictly control the product quality.
  • This system provides statistical information, such as the number of the lid, the average value and the maximum value of the production, high-quality closure information, the total data of the defective lid, the lid with different defecting items, and the maximum number of consecutive defective closure.
Model No.

Product Name

Max. Capacity (pcs/min)

ST100 Closure Lining Machine- Cut Pad 300
ST200 Closure Lining Machine- Uncut Liner 300
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